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Membership to the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professionals, Inc. is open to all persons interested in the practice and profession of safe patient handling, regardless of level of education, profession or position. Membership is affordable and offers educational, professional and networking value.

The ASPHP aspires to build a recognized and credentialed profession dedicated to the safety and comfort of caregivers and their patients

The ASPHP aspires to build a recognized and credentialed profession dedicated to the safety and comfort of caregivers and their patients.

The Association will continue to build organizational value by working with its membership to provide the information, education and networking opportunities that will honor its mission and assist its members in advancing their status within the field.

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Regular Membership: $135.00 annually Student/Retiree Membership: $ 75.00 annually (minimal 1/2 time student)

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New Member Benefit
We heard from many of you last year during our Member Survey and are striving to provide you with added value. We are pleased to announce a new member benefit. Every active member will receive a subscription to the International Journal of Safe Patient Handling & Mobility (IJSPHM), beginning with the September 2018 edition. Also, active members are eligible for a 10% discount to any conferences sponsored or jointly sponsored by the IJSPHM (for the first  International SPHM Conference and Expo this would amount to $69, even on the early bird rate).

This new benefit is sponsored by HoverTech International. The ASPHP recognizes and thanks HoverTech for their continued support.

The link to the online journal will be delivered directly to each member, via their e-mail on-file with the ASPHP.

Professional Development

Monthly Webinars – discounted for members
Regional Networking Events – discounted for members

Professional Advancement

SPHM Certification – CSPHP reportable to Magnet


ASPHP  – a United Voice

Membership in the ASPHP is a unique opportunity to create something of value.  The field of safe patient handling and mobility is populated with many types of persons who are passionate about the practice and the profession.  Help us to discuss, educate and otherwise address SPHM issues in acute care, long term care, home care and ambulatory care.  We are clinicians, educators, researchers, ergonomists and others that care deeply for the safety and health of our workers and patients/residents.

Any professionals looking to elevate their SPHM program and clinical application through the use of SPHM equipment, e.g:  PT’s, OT’s, RN’s, Safety professionals should consider joining ASPHP and become certified. 

We make a concerted effort to keep those who are interested informed and educated about legislative activities at the state and federal levels.  We actively advocate for our cause.

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