Advance your Career by becoming Certified!

The ASPHP is proud to be a standard- bearer of the SPHM profession.  The ASPHP Certification Program  offers the opportunity to become recognized for having the specialized skills, knowledge and experience needed to make safe patient handling and mobility programs successful. In all environments of care, administrators and managers will look to Certified professionals to lead facility efforts to keep their employees safe; promoting improved patient and resident outcomes, as well. Be the one who they know they can count on to make a difference!

Hospital administrators will look to Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals and Certified Associates to lead hospital efforts to keep their employees safe and injury free

Take this important step in your career!  Below you will find the necessary instructions, documents and process information to help make your certification effort successful. We suggest that you first read the two articles and view the webinar below for a perspective on the benefits and requirements of becoming certified.

Download ASPHP Certification Brochure Here. 

Read Defining the Skills of the Perfect SPH Manager

Read Certification Isn’t for Everyone

For complete information on the Certification process, including information regarding preparing for and taking the CSPHP exam, please read the Certification Handbook below. 


Below is the list of SPHM Professionals who hold the current certification credential.
ASPHP Certificant List



A Mentor Program is available to help you as you apply for certification.  You can have questions answered and get advice about the process and requirements from certified ASPHP members.  These are “veterans” who are very familiar with what you need to do in order to submit a complete application.

It’s easy to get started.  Just contact Sasha M. Latvala  at sasha.latvala@gmail.com, Patti Wawzyniecki at pwawzyniecki@hovermatt.com or  Kelsey McCoskey at kelseylmot@yahoo.com. They will put you in touch with a mentor for the certification level you are seeking, A, C or P.  While this is no guarantee that you will be approved – it is a great way to insure your application is as thorough and accurate as possible.


Valuable Information from the Certification Team on Applying for Certification
This webinar provides expert advice from Certification team members for potential certification applicants of any level.  The webinar includes an overview of the expected qualifications and the requirements for all three levels of certification, including definitions and examples of required SPHM-specific work experience, work evidence and professional development.  “Approved” documentation for each of the requirements is covered in-depth, along with commentary about common misunderstandings or gaps evident in many applications.  A sample CSPHC application is completed, using examples from a portfolio from a “potential applicant.” The webinar concludes with a brief overview of the application, review and maintenance process.  Link to view the webinarDownload a copy of PowerPoint Presentation here.

CERTIFICATION FAQ – To help you to complete the application form, the ASPHP Certification Team has developed a CERTIFICATION FAQ. Download ASPHP CERTIFICATION FAQ 2017 here.


1 – Requirements for Certification Levels: Associate, Clinician, Professional

2 – Application Fees

3 – Professional Development: Approved Categories and Documentation  Requirements

4 – Applications and Evaluation Process

5 – Examinations: Process and Resources

6 – Certification Maintenance & Renewal Requirements

7 – Appeals

1 – Requirements for Certification Levels: Associate, Clinician, Professional
Levels of Certification & Requirements

Core Competences Required of a Safe Patient Handling Professional

2 – Application Fees
Review Fee Schedule

3 – Professional Development: Approved Categories and Documentation  Requirements

“Professional Development (PD) Hours are defined as educational activities intended to expand the knowledge and skills of Safe Patient Handling (SPH) Professionals and Associates in the core competency areas outlined in the ASPHP handbook. Continuing Education Categories include attending or presenting at conferences, workshops and seminars focused on SPHM and closely related healthcare issues and disciplines, engaging in independent-study, teaching at in-service training sessions, writing journal articles, participating in ASPHP committees, and pursuing other activities that advance SPHM and closely related healthcare disciplines.”

Review Approved Options for Earning Professionals Development Hours

4 – Applications and Evaluation Process

After reviewing the Certification Guidelines, determine which certification you will be applying for.  (Your Mentor will help you to make this decision if you are unsure) Please download the below application to your computer, complete the entire application worksheet as indicated.

CSPHP Application – please download the form and save on  your hard drive before completing the application.

CSPHC Application – please download the form and save on  your hard drive before completing the application.

CSPHA Application please download the form and save on  your hard drive before completing the application.

After thoroughly completing the application, review the form to assure that you have included every requirement.  Please submit the entire application, including the completed form, by emailing to info@asphp.org – be sure that these files are NOT encrypted as we will be unable to open them. Write a check or provide credit card information for the required fees to ASPHP. You can mail  the check to:  ASPHP Certification Program, 125 Warrendale Bayne Road, Suite 375, Warrendale, PA   15086.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted, but will be returned for requisite information.  Fees are not refundable. Please email info@asphp.org if you do not receive response from us after you email your application.

NOTE:  Applications that are not submitted on the forms above will not be accepted.

5 – Examinations: Process and Resources

The Evaluation and Renewal Committee of the Certification Program evaluates the CSPHP applications in teams of three persons, each conducting their evaluation independently of their colleagues.  After all evaluations are completed, if consensus among the team members is not reached regarding the applicant’s approval, they meet to discuss the matter.  Often additional information is requested from the applicant to answer questions that the review team may have.  When the applicant is approved by the evaluating team, a confirmation review is also conducted by the Chair of the Certification Program.  If the CSPHA applicant meets portfolio requirements, they are awarded the designation. If the CSPHP applicant meets the portfolio requirements, they are invited to take the exam. (If the any applicant is not approved, the application can remain open for the remainder of the 12-month period directly following receipt of the application and fee so that the applicant has the oppotunity to meet outstanding requirements.) If  they pass the exam, the CSPHP award is then made.

The CSPHP and CSPHC Examination

The examinations are based upon the nine core competencies that have been identified by the Certification Committee.  They are in electronic format.  Here are links to examination study resources and practice exam.

Certification Examination Preparation Oct 2017 

Practice Exam

Exam Details

When the portfolio of the CSPHC  or CSPHP applicant has been approved by the Certification Evaluation team, the candidate will be informed via an email and will also receive a link through which they will be able to access the Exam information and the Exam.   Applicants will have thirty (30) days from receipt of this information to take the exam.  Persons who require an additional thirty (30) day extension will need to submit a required fee.   This exam cannot be “parked” to return to at a later time.  Once the Exam is opened, the clock begins running and the person taking the exam will be “locked-out” when 120 minutes expires.

Exam-takers will receive notification of their Pass/Fail status immediately following exam completion.

Persons who do not have a passing score may apply to take the exam again following a 45-day waiting period.    Persons who do not have a passing score after taking the exam a second time may submit the required fee to take the exam one more time following another 45-day waiting period.  If the candidate does not have a passing score after taking the test the third time they will be eligible to reapply for the entire CSPHC or CSPHP process following the passage of one-year after the initial application date.

6 – Certification Maintenance & Renewal Requirements

CSPHP, CSPHC and CSPHA certifications are subject to annual maintenance (fee required) and a renewal (same fee required of the annual maintenance) every three years.  Documentation of newly acquired professional development hours is the only requirement of renewal:   for CSPHA, twenty-four (24) professional development hours are required for CSPHC and thirty-six (36) professional development hours are required of CSPHP certificants.

Maintenance and Renewal Information

Post Certification Schedule

Please track your required Professional Development hours as you earn them so that you are aware of how many you might need for your renewal when it is due.  Below tracking form must be used to submit your required Professional Development Hours.  Note that there are drop-down boxes to help you with Professional Development Hours Type, Skill Code and Hours earned.

Professional Development Hours Tracking Tool

7 – Appeals

Appeals Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming Certified.  If you have any questions after you have reviewed all of the provided information, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will assist you.   Please email inquiries to ASPHP Headquarters at info@asphp.org or phone 610-248-9911.

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